Each moment in the dunya is a paradox.  

We are swept by sensations that pull us in many different directions and evoke conflicting emotions. 

We have  ‘homecoming’ moments in which everything is breathlessly beautiful, and our purpose is clear. 

Whether that’s being in the company of our favourite people, gazing at panoramic views from cloudy heights, or watching someone we love light up when they see us. 

These moments stir a deep joy within us; we feel chosen, understood, protected, and blessed by something greater than us as a meaningful part of this vast universe.

Some people attribute these to luck, stars aligning, or ‘nods’ from the universe. 

But as believers, we know, that they are an extremely personal, intentional, and loving Sign from the Lord of all worlds. 

Calling us back Home to Him.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense that we are programmed to ceaselessly seek perfection in an inherently imperfect world. 

There has to be more than this, and there is. 

Because these ‘homecomings’ are dispersed by ‘letdown’ moments. 

You’ve finally moved into your dream house, but you’re tired and burned out. 

They have finally recognized your contribution and promoted you at work, but you miss your family and those quiet, intimate hours at home. 

The gorgeous dress you spent so much on looks like something out of a movie, but you don’t feel like yourself in it. 

The holiday that you’ve been fantasizing about for so many months turns upside-down when you receive a phone call that worries you. 

But Jannah has no ‘letdown’ moments. It will only exceed your loftiest expectations and most exquisite dreams. 

I once heard a beloved sister say that we need to thank Allah that Jannah was not left up to our imagination.

It would be so unremarkable and ordinary because we are so hemmed in by only what’s ‘possible’ and ‘probable.’ We often leave our child-like sense of wonder and curious creativity behind with our youth. 

We no longer empathize with the inner workings of our intricate world; instead, we greedily focus on immediate gratification. 

Sometimes, even as believers, we feel disconnected from our Home because of our ever-narrowing scope for the limitless. 

But Jannah is a place of infinite ‘homecomings’ with none of the disappointments and need to lower our expectations.

In Jannah, we don’t need that bittersweet escape of our memories, of our ‘better days’, because every single moment will be better than the last- more worthy of being cherished and celebrated. 


While suffering and hardship are the painful accessories of this world, they are also a blessing in disguise so that we don’t lose sight of our true Home. 

But nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.

Even in this dunya, to purchase the best of the best and upgrade our lifestyles, we need to sacrifice, earn, save, and strive. 

Whether we’re buying a big house in a classy neighborhood, revamping our business to attract a high-end clientele, or trying to plan an unforgettable event, it requires hard work, dedication, and investment. 

Jannah is Allah’s merchandise; it is His Masterpiece. 

So, what makes us think that we can be admitted into this most glorious place by just doing the bare minimum while we chase the paltry gains of this dunya?

Allah tells us, 

“Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties [in exchange] for that they will have Paradise.”


To acquire Jannah, we need to spend ourselves and our wealth in the Way of Allah.

We need to ask ourselves, “What work am I tiring myself for?”

If it’s something of the dunya that will not benefit us in the Hereafter, then is it worth the effort and sacrifice? 

Do we seek guidance and are we people who live by the Qur’an?

Do we have an unshakable conviction that Allah’s Deen is the Truth and that we’re not doing a favour to anyone but ourselves by abiding by it?

Allah will protect you and suffice you as long as you are sincere to Him.

The believing man who lowers their gaze immediately and closes all doors to zina despite others questioning his masculinity. 

The sister who chooses to cover herself and act with modest grace in a world that attaches her worth to her superficial assets. 

The believer who responds to harsh words and destructive criticism with salaam (peace) and humility while pouring out their hearts to their Lord in secret. 

The Muslim who holds on to his or her faith and benefits his community despite his circumstances being constricted and haram temptations through wide open doors. 

Ibn Al Jawzi رَحِمَهُ ٱللَّٰهُ  beautifully states, 

“How Glorious, how Perfect is the One Whose Love has proceeded and has enveloped His beloved [servants], He praises them for the things that He has gifted them and He bought from them what He has blessed them with.”

This world simply isn’t enough to recompense those whom Allah loves.

Therefore, the beautiful actions and sacrifices that we put forth for the true Tomorrow (aakhirah) decorate and customize our Jannah. 

Even our tests are to raise us higher and closer to Allah. 

They purify us and build our resilience, patience, and empathy. 

Our connection to Allah is deepened, and our hearts become more expansive toward His creation. 

The first dip in Paradise erases the trauma from every worldly agony we have experienced [Sahih Muslim 2807]. 

That’s why we must never let our external circumstances shake our internal convictions. Because the things that happen to us in this dunya do not define us; they do not make us lesser or greater

Rather, what makes us worthy and valuable is whether we do the right thing in all situations for the sake of Allah.

And even greater than the unending and perfect peace, beauty, joy, adventure, and companionship is the only thing that can fill the void in our hearts and complete our happiness, and that is the actual closeness to Allah.  Seeing the Face of our Lord and knowing that He is happy with us. 

Rasulullah ﷺ said, 

“When the people of Paradise enter Paradise, Allah will say, ‘Do you want anything more?’

They will say, ‘Have You not brightened our faces, admitted us to Paradise and saved us from Hell?’

Then the veil will be lifted and they will not have seen anything more dear to them than looking upon their Lord, may He be glorified and exalted…”

[Muslim 266]

My brothers and sisters, we have only one chance -only one life to earn Jannah. 

Let’s not waste our lives in useless endeavours and vain things.

Let’s not take this Dunya too seriously and make our happiness depend on how much of it we accumulate.

It will all fade, and we will leave it behind.

We don’t know when our time will run out, and the best we can do is our best- for the sake of Allah.

For the pleasure of our Generous and Merciful Lord Who takes a single date given in charity and multiplies it into a mountain of good.

For a Lord Who revealed the Qur’an on the heart of the most compassionate human being so that he ﷺ would teach us how to worship Him and fulfill the purpose of our existence. 

For a Lord Who customized a Jannah for each and every one of us, knowing exactly what we would love and find peace and satisfaction in. 

The Home we were created for is waiting for us, and Allah has given us everything we need to get there. 

The rest is up to us. 

May Allah make us from His true believers, not just those who follow what is convenient for them in the Deen.

May He guide us to be from amongst those who genuinely repent and try to do better, those who worship Him with love, hope, and fear, and those who are grateful and humble, guiding people to good with beautiful manners and well-wishing. 

Allahumma Aameen.