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About Us - Qalby Community

In Qalby Community, we are pleased to enhance our user-experience by providing an additional platform to our uber-interactive lifestyle community application at a more intimate level by creating 2-way communication where we wish to interact with you to help to track your Imaan and feed the soul with the daily nourishment and Islamic Knowledge.

In staying true to our vision which is to spread da’wah and the love of Qu’ran and Sunnah globally, we are determined to bring you authentic knowledge coupled with the unique features of our app such as Quran and Du’a tagging, E-journaling, ‘Ilm Class Finders, Qibla, Prayer Times, Adhan and more. Here we will get to actually achieve the global outreach of Qalby Community through this website which has been created and designed just for you as we bring them all into our website for a more personal experience. 

With Qalby’s tagline, Ignite Your Heart with The Light of Iman; through the main sources of the Quran and Sunnah, preservation through the increasing of ‘Ilm and ibaadah, and nurturing your Iman together with the Qalby community, this is indeed a privilege to meet each and everyone of you through this virtual platform. 

Whether you want to know the latest ‘Ilm Classes, memorise Quran/ Du’aa on-the-go, or e-journaling, you’ll love QalbyApp and our website as it is designed for every Muslim to connect back to the source of light in their hearts through the Quran and Sunnah at the swipe of a finger or a click of a mouse!

Bonus features in Qalby Community website include; Ilm Feed - Islamic content in various formats including articles, slideshows, videos and more, Reflections - an effort collaboration with My Qur’an Journal, Downloadables - Free to download exclusive PDFs and publications, and Qalby Qlinic where soon you will have a chance to ask questions to our panel of teachers in providing answers from the authentic sources of Quran and Sunnah, In Shaa Allah. You can also refresh your knowledge and track your Progress Level by taking a quiz and sharing your 'Amal Story to level-up!

We have always loved hearing from you and appreciate all the feedback that we have received and we strive to continue to work together in making this vision and mission a reality.